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Household Appliances
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Household Appliances

Our ranges of household appliances are developed with the best of technology to make life easier. From providing safe drinking water to cooking, lighting and heating products, our portfolio of home appliances is designed to meet and satisfy every need of a modern household in any part of the globe. From the kitchen to the bathroom, we have products for every household need. As products that require constant interface with people, our products are ergonomically designed to ensure maximum user friendliness. Built with reliability and usability in mind, these products are highly efficient and deliver the best results at all times.

Cooking Appliances

At Metro, we provide a comprehensive range of cooking appliances and serving products designed to suit the diverse needs of our customers worldwide. Our cooking appliances blend technological innovation with age-traditional cooking methods to provide unique and efficient cooking systems for all.

Electrical Appliances

At Metro we have considerable expertise in the sourcing and trading of electrical appliances for household use. From lighting systems that use traditional technology to cutting-edge solar technology, we have solutions for customers in every part of the globe.

Storage Equipment

From efficient handling and moving of goods to their safe storage, we provide a wide range of storage solutions for residential applications. Our products are designed to provide solutions that deliver secure storage while optimising space usage as well for households in every part of the world.


We source and deliver various furniture items as per the specific requirements of customers from around the globe. Designed to provide for the needs of the household, these furniture products are well-designed to provide a distinctive aesthetic flavour as well.

Plastic (PP) Mat

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